Friday, 18 July 2008

Match Wits with the Kids giveaway

We gave away free copies of Match Wits with the Kids this morning outside the Department for Children, Schools and Families - see more here:


Victor said...

As an 85 year old grandfather I have much enjoyed reading your book refreshing my memory on subjects and information I learnt in the 1930s. The effect has been like lighting the blue touch paper of the fireworks of my youth and receiving a ray of dazzlimg light.
My favourite and best subject was Maths and reference to page 103 and question 5 I still believe that 30% 0f 1200 is 360 and not 300 or did you intend that it should have been 25%?
Thank you for an enjoyable read.


Jonathan Green said...

Hi Victor, and thank you very much for your kind comments. I'm glad you've enjoyed reading Match Wits.

And of course you're quite right - 30% of 1200 is 360! I shall be letting the publishers know about this typo so that it can be corrected for future editions.

In the mean time, if you'd like to let me have your address (by emailing me at I'll pop some goodies in the post for you and your family, in return for you sharp observations!

Best wishes.

Mataeus said...

Hi Jon, I picked up a copy of Match Wits from WHSMiths in Retail World, Rotherham and they had it on the shelf at chart number 5 in the non-fiction section, alongside various autobiographies and stuff. Thought that was great! They also had it on a promotion in it's own cardboard cutout thing at the front of the shop too :D
I love what I've read of it so far and as a person who likes to give my brain regular excersise it's exactly what I was looking for, cheers for a fun book that stirs up some intellectually-based comepetitions between me and my girlfriend... Or, as I should say, My girlfriend and I ;)

Jonathan Green said...

That's the third Smiths that I've heard of that has Match Wits at the number 5 non-fiction position. I guess it must be a national thing then.

Thanks for that - I might just have to pop up a post about it now. ;-)