Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Match Wits on BBC London

Last night I was interviewed live on air on BBC London's the Late Show, by host Tessa Dunlop. As well as talking about my book Match Wits with the Kids we also got round to discussing the recent Children's Commissioners report.

You can listen to Monday's show at BBC London's own website any time today. Simply click on the link underneath 'On this site' labelled 'Listen Again: The Late Show with Jumoké Fashola' (don't worry, it really is the right one). You need to go to about one and three quarter hours in to hear the bit about Match Wits (as I was interviewed at 11.45pm).

I hope you find it illuminating.


Mataeus said...

It's the correct link alright, but trying to listen to the radio show from there crashes my Firefox... :(

Jonathan Green said...

Sorry, Mataeus, there's not much I can do about that.